Professional Janitorial Contract Cleaning

Argos Cleaning Services specializes in janitorial and commercial staffing services. Our trained professional staff can provide you with a consistent high level of service for all your janitorial and staffing needs.
Be sure to contact one of our local representatives to find out how we can work within your budget and around your schedule. We are just one phone call away from taking care of your problems.
We know how important it is to have a clean and sanitary environment; that is why we recruit, train and staff to meet your high level of expectations. We know you have high level of expectations so we set are standards even higher

Professional Turnover Cleaning

Are you trying to sell your home? Do you have tenants moving out and you need to get ready for the next tenants. Contact Argos Cleaning Services today to take care of all your cleaning needs.
The last thing you want to do is clean up after those last tenants have been living in there.

Professional Maintenance Carpet Cleaning

Argos Cleaning Services uses carpet duplexing machines with the encapsulation method for cleaning its commercial grade carpets. This process is extremely effective and safe to clean and sanitize commercial grade carpeting. The Argos Cleaning Services Encapsulation Process is great for maintenance cleaning and allows for quick dry times. Regular carpet maintenance can be the difference in a healthy, happy, and clean environment.
Do you want to greatly extend the life of your carpets? Argos Cleaning Services carpet cleaning with the encapsulation method, can greatly extend the life your carpets while improving the general air quality and overall appearance.
 Be sure to Contact Us about putting a Recommended Carpet Maintenance Plan in place for you; it works within your budget and around your schedule!


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About Us

Originally MET Contractors, Inc., was started in 2004. The three original members were a group of professionals and friends with different backgrounds and beliefs. In 2007, after winning "Sub Contractor of the Year" Award from Turner Construction, the original founding father Christopher Seguinot, branched off to create MET SERVICE.
After 3 years of strong growth and prosperity, the group mutually decided to go in different directions.  MET SERVICE is a company based on sound principles of customer service and a strong foundation of experience and quality.

Our Mission

  At ARGOS CLEANING SERVICES, it is Our Mission to:

  •    To create a seamless integration of quality service through effective communication
  •    To control costs and unnecessary expenses
  •    To bolster superior support for our clients in all their needs

Our Core Principles

  Each employee takes an oath to honor our 3 core principles. The 3 core principles that ARGOS CLEANING SERVICES stand behind are:

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Respect

  Our Professionalism starts with the ability and knowledge of what to do, how to do it, and the character to actually do it right. Our staff has the experience and training to accomplish your tasks at hand and they will act in the best interest of you. Our proactive professional approach creates an atmosphere of a win / win scenario, in which all parties benefit.

  Our Honesty means letting you know the issues immediately, while being fair and upfront. It is our goal to create a customer today and one into the future. We at ARGOS CLEANING SERVICES, understand that sustained growth comes from honest work, great relationships and competitive prices. This is our formula for success; honesty from the inception.

  Respect for our clients and our company is radiated throughout our organization from top level management to the front line staff. At ARGOS CLEANING SERVICES, we value the individual and respect the rights, views, and opinions of each and every person.

Our Staff

  We believe that the keystone to our organization is our staff, as they carry out OUR MESSAGE. Our family style approach to our organization has nearly eliminated turnover and created an excellent work environment. When you work with ARGOS CLEANING SERVICES, you are a part of our family.




Corporate Office Contact Information

1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600 McLean 22102



Christpher Seguinot - Director of Sales

(703) 346-0977


Diana Medina - Director of Operations

(703) 909-4240